Taxis in Marbella

Taxis are abundant in Marbella and can be hired on a metered fare basis or otherwise, with additional charges for night travel, carrying extra passengers or baggage and for airport Taxis usually carry a chart of the official tariffs as authorized by the local town hall.

When hailing a taxi, just look for the green light on the taxicab’s roof at night or for the green “libre” sign on the windscreen. Taxis are a good choice, especially when you want to avoid traffic by going on alternate routes and when going to the city center, where parking can be a nightmare.

More usual tariffs:

RouteDay Trip Night Trip
Marbella to Saint Pedro10.60 €13.30 €
Banús Marbella to Port 8.20 € 10.30 €
San Pedro to Port Banús 5.00 € 6.30 €
Local Marbella to hospital7.20 € 9.00 €
San Local Pedro to Hospital 16.90 €21.10 €
Marbella- to Bus Station 3.90 €4.90 €
San Pedro to Bus Station 11.40 € 14.30 €

Marbella to Malaga Airport
48.20 € 57.90 €
San Pedro to Malaga Airport 57.40 €69.90 €

Night trips are trips made from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. On holidays, expect a 0.60 € increase.

Marbella Taxi Telephone: +34 95 2774488