Weather in Marbella

Marbella’s wonderful geographical placement has blessed it with a rather enjoyable micro-climate – plenty of sun and less rain. Its position, nestled between the Sierra Blanca mountains and the coastline, assures Marbella of excellent weather all year round, with rains falling mostly in the months of September and October – these rarely last for more than a couple of days. auditorio marbella

All in all, the climate is very mild throughout the year, around 19ºC on the average. Summers are not too suffocatingly hot and winters are not too cold. It is just perfect for a day at the beach and for dining al fresco. Winters are warm and dry – during the days, light clothing would suffice, though you will need a jacket in the evenings.
Here are the approximate temperatures and the number of days of rain every month:

MonthMininmum Temperature Maximum Temperature Days of Rain
January 8°C16°C5
February 9°C17°C5
March 11°C 18°C 7
April 13°C 20°C4
May 15°C22°C3
June 18°C 26°C 2
July 21°C28°C0
August 22°C29°C0
September 20°C 27°C3
October 16°C23°C4
November 12°C 19°C 7
December 9°C17°C5