Festivals in Marbella

Marbella, like any Spanish town, is filled with festivals and feasts.

Fair and Fiesta of Saint Bernabemarketplace

Saint Bernabe is the Patron Saint of the city and in honor of this saint. This feast is celebrated in the week surrounding June 11. The feast also commemorates the victory and entrance of the Catholic Kings in 1485. The air is filled with music and an atmosphere of gaiety and fun surrounds the city, particularly the Old Town and the Alameda Park.

Casetas or booths fill the Fair Grounds – these casetas feature flamenco music, tapas and beer. This carnival-like festival also features rides and concerts. There is also an open market and daily bullfights in the city square. Ole! There is sure to be singing, dancing and drinking in the streets! Come visit Marbella this June and witness for yourself this extremely picturesque and enjoyable festival!

Fair and Fiesta of San Pedro de Alcantara

This is celebrated on the week surrounding October 19, which is the day of the Patron Saint of San Pedro de Alcantara, obviously, San Pedro de Alcantara. The streets are merrily decorated to welcome visitors not just from the city but from all over the province and the country.

Feast of the Virgen del Carmen

A tradition among the fisher folk, this feast usually ends on July 16, which is the Feast Day of the Virgin.

There is also a fluvial parade – a sea faring procession upon which the Virgin of the Seas is brought to an underwater cave on the El Cable beach. The parade starts at the Fishing Port then going on to Puerto Banus and then back to the Fishing Port. The fluvial parade is a colorful affair with numerous gaily-designed boats accompanying the Virgin of the Seas in her journey. The celebration also includes mass at the Chapel in the Fishing Port and the singing of the choir from the participating brotherhood.

Romeria of the Juanar Cross

This yearly pilgrimage to the Cruz de Juanar (at the middle of the Sierra Blanca mountain) is actually a tradition that spans over a hundred years old! This is done during the month of May.

Romeria of Saint Bernabe

This pilgrimage is done on foot, or riding horses, carriages or ox driven carts. This is a day of wine, food and dancing.

Fiesta Del Toston

Chestnuts! These is what this feast is all about. Every November 1st, the people of Marbella observe All Saint’s Day by taking a trip to the countryside. Family and friends take chestnuts and roast it in the country and wash it down with some local wine. There, they indulge in drinking, singing and dancing. This good excuse to go to the countryside usually lasts long into the night, with people bringing tents and sleeping gear to the site.

Dia del Pescaito (Fried Fish Day)

Yum! Pescaito Frito is a delectable dish made of fried fish (mullet, cod, herring, etc.). The people of Marbella love this dish so much that they have allotted one day to celebrate this delicacy. Held during the summer, Fried Fish Day is celebrated in Torremolinos. People go to the La Carihuela beach to celebrate and enjoy some drinks.

Fera de Muestras

Held every year during November, the Fera de Muestras is a showcase of Spanish products, particularly food products. You can have a taste and buy hams, chorizo, cheeses, pastries, sweets and much more. This is usually held at the Palacio de Congressos and the entrance fee costs 3 Euros.

Christmas and New Year

Like the other cities and towns in Andalusia, Christmas in Marbella is a truly festive season. During Christmas, you can see Naciementos (nativity scenes) and elaborately designed decorations.

Christmas Eve is for the celebration of the Noche Buena (the Good Night). Here, family members gather round the table to feast on the Christmas dinner – turkey with truffles, sparkling ciders, and turron (which is a candy made from almonds). After a tummy-bursting feast, family members gather round the nativity scene to sing carols. At midnight, the music from the church bells fill the air, calling on one and all to go to mass (La Misa del Gallo).

Christmas Day is a continuation of the festivities, with more feasts and merry-making. Gifts are brought courtesy of the Three Wise Men. On the eve of January 5 (Epiphany Day), children fill their balconies with shoes, with the hopes that the Three Wise Men will these shoes with gifts.

Here is the monthly schedule of the holidays in Marbella, Spain:

Ano Nuevo (New Year’s Day)
Epifania/Cabalgata de los Reyes (Three Kings ride in horse and distribute candies and sweets to the children.

Carnaval (celebrated early February)

Holy Week (Semana Santa)

Romeria of the Juanar Cross

Dia del Pescaito
Feast and Fair of Saint Bernabe

Feast of the Virgen del Carmen

Feria de Malaga (a grand festival in Malaga, which is near Marbella)

International Movie Week

Feast of San Pedro de Alcantara
National Day Festival (Celebrating the history of Spain)

Day of Toston

Christmas and New Year