Marbella to Sevilla


Originally known as Hispalis in Roman times, Seville is considered the financial, political, social and cultura capital of southern Spain. There are captivating sights for you and those around you to enjoy, for example the Plaza de España. Here is a run down of the first class places to complement your trip from Marbella to Seville.

The hot spots of your trip!
If you are looking for a starting point to begin indulging yourself in the culture and history in and around Seville you won't have to go far, as there are endless treasures scattered around.

The Seville Cathedral is a stunning example of architecture and if a picture can say a thousand words and this is definitely the occasion that you want to apply this rule. Constructed centuries ago, it is one of the largest churches in the world. Rather impressive so far, it captures a sense of simplicity within the integral flow of the design making it a treat for ones eyes. It has a strong influence from the gothic period which is common around that period.

The Alcazar was originally the home of King Pedro the Cruel (he didnt earn that name losing a bet). There is an interesting story behind it; in a nutshell, he had an interest in Maria de Padilla and disposed of her husband to have her for himself. She wasnt exactly thrilled by this and put her own steps into action to prevent the following events. For her actions she is honoured around the Alcazar.

As mentioned, Plaza de España is a great place to complement your trip. It was constructed by Anibal González between 1914 and 1929. It has a admirable mosaic on the front of the semi circle building that represents all of the provinces of Spain. It's a fan favourite to locals as well as tourists.