Bars in Marbella

outdoor cafeFunky, relaxed, fashionable, loud and boisterous – whatever type of bar you choose, you are sure to know that this is sure to spell FUN.

Bond… James Bond? Visit it and you will see.
Address: Puerto Banús (Puerto Banús)
Telephone: +34 952 81 54 50

Antes Disco Bar
Ladies drink for free every Friday and Saturday. This is one great place to relax.
Address: R. Soriano, 38
Telephone: +34 952 867 868

This beachfront place is great cocktails with live music as background.
Address: Playa Levante, Pto. Banús
Telephone: 610 015 815

The design is sure to be a great conversation starter – what you say and do after is up to you.
Address: Pasaje 5, Casco Antiguo, Marbella.

You can be anything but blue with its live entertainment and great food.
Address: Local 1-2, Pto. Banús
Telephone: +34 952 905 138

Dance the night away with live Latin music.
Address: Edif. La Terraza, Local 1, Marbella
Telephone: +34 952 821 516

Cool and funky – a great place to dance!
Address: Marbella port
Telephone: 649 084 172

For the young, featuring the newest in the music scene.
Address: Plaza La Comedia, 2nd line Pto. Banús.

Enjoy the songs of the islands. Dance to the Caribbean beat.
Address: Mar Playa Pinillos, CN-340, Km 158, Estepona
Telephone: +34 952 796 960

Large club that can hold more than a thousand – this is one place to hold a party!
Address: CN-340, Km 175, Pto. Banús
Telephone: +34952 812 080

Excellent champagne selections.
Address: Close to Sotogrande Port and Santa Maria Polo Club

El Ranchón Cubano Beach Bar
The beach and the bar – what a combination!
Address: Urb. Luna Mar, Marbella
Telephone: 666 770 921

Havana Bar
Relax in this fashionable bar, featuring live Latin music.
Address: Pablo Casals nº 17, Marbella
Telephone: +34 952 863 641

La Cabâne Beach Club at Hotel Los Monteros
Dine and drink in this upscale bar.
Address: Hotel Los Monteros
Telephone: +34 952 861 199

La Habana de Hemingway
A music lounge that is a classic.
Address: Muelle Levante, Local 7, Puerto Banús
Telephone: +34 952 811 239

La Notte
Quite popular among locals and tourists alike.
Address: Camino de la Cruz s/n, Marbella
Telephone: +34 952 866 996

Linnekers Sport Bar
Drink while watching your favorite sport.
Address: Second line Puerto Banús
Telephone: +34 952 812 464

Liquid Lounge
A favorite haunt of locals, with unique cocktails.
Address: Marina Banús, Pto. Banús
Telephone: +34 952 908 831

Go crazy for this pub!
Address: Puerto Deportivo, Marbella.

Loft Lounge
Chill out! Features funky and R& B music.
Address: Club The Golden Mile, Marbella
Telephone: +34 952 778 925

Lulu Cocktail Bar
Cocktails here are simply fabulous!
Address: C.C. Coleseum, Marbella
Telephone: +34 952 857 290

Marbella Club Hotel Bar
Very exclusive, be entertained with live piano music.
Address: The Golden Mile, Marbella
Telephone: +34 952 822 211

Max Beach
Enjoy to the max!
Address: Beachfront at the Riviera del Sol turnaround
Telephone: +34 952 932 780

Mumbai Café
Sophisticated and fashionable.
Address: Muelle Ribera, 20, frontline Puerto Banús
Telephone: +34 952 818 695

News Café
A favorite haunt – very popular.
Address: Muelle Ribera 12, Puerto.Banús
Telephone: +34 952 812 131

Hoist that pint with some Irish beer.
Address: Plaza de los Olivos, Marbella
Telephone: +34 952 764 695

Ocean Club
Relaxed, laid back.
Address: Avda. Lola Flores, s/n, Puerto Banús
Telephone: +34 952 810 292

Old Joys
Have your drink at the terrace.
Address: Muelle Ribera, Puerto Banús
Telephone: +34 952 814 283

Olivia Valére
Very popular, the décor speaks of opulence – a palace on the inside and a Moorish fort on the outside.
Address: Ctra. Istán, Km 0.8, Marbella
Telephone: +34 952 828 861

The place to see and be seen
Address: Club de Mar, Puerto Banús
Telephone: 679 115 28

Premiere Club
Premiere music and drinks.
Address: Plza. de los Olivos, Marbella
Telephone: 649 995 277

The Rat Pack @ Heaven
Live piano music and performances
Address: 2nd line Pto. Banús
Telephone: +34 952 908 529

Round One Sports Lounge
Lounge till late at night
Address: Puerto Banús, opposite Dreamers, behind Opencor
Telephone: +34 952 908 972

Rubi Bar
A haven for locals and tourists
Address: Puerto Deportivo, Marbella
Telephone: 652 574 483

A new place for party-philes.
Address: At Nikki Beach. Hotel Playa Don Carlos, CN 340, km 192, Marbella
Telephone: +34 952 836 239

Taco Loco
Great party place.
Address: Frontline, eastern side, Pto. Banús
Telephone: +34 952 811 438

Terra Blues
More for the young.
Address: Plaza de la Comedia, Pto. Banús.

Trader Vic’s Cocktail Bar
A popular and well-loved brand, with good reason.
Address: Urb. La Alcazaba, CN340, Km 176, Marbella
Telephone: +34 952 816 100

Disco, drinks, funky music – what a combination.
Address: Overlooking Plaza Beach, Pto. Banús.