Gothic Architecture in Marbella

There are some great examples of Gothic Architecture in Marbella, Spain. When the word “gothic” is mentioned, gothic architectureone would start imagining simple, even plain, structures that are covered with detailed embellishments – glass, sculptural elements and elegant columns.

Here are some examples of Gothic Architecture in Marbella:

- Hospital de Bazan, which is located on the Hospital Bazan street. It boasts not only of Gothic elements, but Renaissance and Mudejar elements as well. It has a gothic-renaissance style observation tower. This building used to be the home of the Mayor of Castillo, Don Alonso de Bazan. Bazan is also the Perpetual Regent of the city. Now, the former Hospital de Bazan is known as the Museum of Spanish Contemporary Engravings.

- Santisima Trinidad Convent features a Gothic style Chapel, with its tall, shapely columns. This convent is located in Viento (“Wind”) Street and used to occupy the entire block of the Church Square. There are some monks that live in that convent work at the Bazan Hospital. It now houses the Museum for Contemporary Spanish Engravings, which is thought to be one of the best in Spain and in the world.

- Chief Magistrates House. This building has a stone façade that highlights the Gothic-Mudejar style, with a sprinkling of Renaissance styles. This is near the Plaza de las Naranjos.

- The San Juan De Dios Hospital or the Real de la Misericordia. This building dates back to the 16th century. It sits in the street with the same name – San Juan de Dios Street. It was built with a mixture of Gothic, Renaissance and Mudejar styles.

- Casa del Corregidor. This 17th century structure sports a Gothic-mudejar façade made of stone.