Marbella Summer Language Classes

Summer Language Classes in Marbella

The following language classes are offered at our summer camps in Marbella:

  • Spanish
  • English

Summer language classes at the Marbella camps will take place:

  • classes during the mornings, from Monday to Friday
  • 4 daily lessons (5 in Albergue camp), each lasting 45 minutes
  • with a maximum of 14 students per class
Summer Language Classes

Language classes are available at all levels, ranging from basic beginner to advanced. To ensure their placement in the correct level, camp participants will take a language test on the very first day of class.

Following the language test and until the end of the camp session, students will have 4 or 5 English or Spanish classes every morning from Monday to Friday.

All teaching materials given to students have been designed by our team of teaching professionals, all of whom have university degrees as well as years of experience working with children and teens. Materials are designed always keeping in mind campers' ages.

While we approach language studies in a professional, academic manner, we also encourage students to have as much fun as possible while as they learn. After all, it is a summer camp!