Marbella summer camp video

Marbella Summercamps

Marbella Albergue The summer camp in Marbella “Albergue” is the one that has been designed for the bigger kids, from 16 to 18 years old, where they will be able to learn Spanish and enjoy the beautiful Marbella beaches and water sports!
Marbella Alborán Marbella "Alborán" summer camp is the camp for the teenagers, from ages 13 to 18, where they will be able to practice a great number of sports in the exclusive setting of one of Marbella’s pine forests.
Marbella Alemán The youngest of the family will feel at home in the "Marbella Alemán" summer camp, a hillside resort on top of one of Marbella’s hills, in a unique setting for the kids aged 5 to 13 will learn Spanish and have the summer of their lives!